Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe every Company has a responsibility to it’s employees, community and the environment!

At Avoca Pools & Landscape Inc. we strongly believe that every company or organisation, large or small, has a very real responsibility and accountability to its employees, the community in which it operates and the natural environment. In today’s world no entity can operate successfully or morally without adopting this approach, known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and should not desire to either. 

The level of knowledge about, and genuine concern for, the environment in all segments of the population has never been higher than it is currently and it is very important for companies to be held accountable and responsible for the consequences of their actions, especially if detrimental to our natural environment. 

Our aim is to become a completely carbon neutral company which will be reflected in all of our purchasing and policy decisions, as well as the product lines that we offer to our clients. Over the next year we will be very proactive in the pursuit of this environmental rating, ensuring that our ecological footprint is as small as possible and our impact on the environment under normal operating conditions is negligible.

Along with the natural environment, we believe it is extremely important to foster and maintain a close relationship with the community in which we operate and make our living. Without the support of these communities our company, and countless others like it, would not exist and as a result we feel it is our duty to reinvest a percentage of our profits back into supporting them through donations of money and time to local charities and events. 

Our employees are what make us successful and we work very hard to treat them with utmost respect and offer them great working conditions with ample opportunity for advancement. We believe in hiring from within our community, if young people stay for work it means more money stays in the community which directly and indirectly benefits everyone living within it. Promotion from within is company policy and pay rates and frequency of pay raises surpass that commonly found in this industry. Starting wages are well above award and rise in tune with each individual’s willingness to learn and take on extra responsibilities. 

At Avoca Pools & Landscape Inc. we fully realize that without the well-being and vitality of our employees, our community and our natural environment we could not survive and with that in mind, we are totally committed to them and will not compromise when it comes to our belief in the nurturing of each and every one.

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