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From Concept To Completion – Sprung a Leak? We have the liner for you!

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Avoca Pools and Landscape install only high quality liners fabricated from the finest North American made materials. 

Your liner may need to be replaced due to damage, a leaking pool liner will not only drain water from the pool but will cause damage to the pool walls which could result in costlier repairs. You may want to replace your liner to bring life to your existing pool, making it more attractive with a modern design.

The Process

Your pool must be drained of all water, when the water is drained the liner is professionally removed.

Once the liner is cut from all skimmers, lights and returns it is separated from the liner track. We will assess if the liner track can be cleaned and reused or if it needs to be replaced.

The pool will be fully inspected and any damage to the walls and floor must be repaired. The pool’s foundation will be cleaned of any debris, an important step before laying down the new liner.

The new liner is properly aligned into the liner track to fit the shape of the pool. An industrial vacuum is used to ensure an airtight seal before the pool is filled with water.

A water haulage truck is used to quickly fill the pool ready for use.

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