Frequent Asked Questions

From Concept To Completion – You ask, We answers!

1) How long is the pool building process?

Depending on the scope, an in ground pool project may take from 1 ½ – 6 weeks. Generally speaking, our pool and landscape projects normally take an average of 4 weeks. Above ground pools take 2-3 days from start to finish.

2) What are your thoughts on salt water chlorine generation systems?

This method of pool chlorination is very effective and requires little maintenance. We recommend it to all our clients, especially new installs as the cost savings over time are substantial and swimming is much more enjoyable. Salt levels in the pool are very low; 3000 – 6000ppm as compared to the ocean at 36,000ppm. We exclusively use the system built by Watermaid; the Australian company that pioneered the use of salt water chlorination for residential swimming pools. For more information beyond the scope of this website please go to

3) If you are building my pool do I have to deal with the other contractors or will you do that for me?

We are a full-service pool and landscape design and construction company and we keep all of our work in-house. Our clients will deal directly with the owner, Glynn Lord, on a daily basis and he will co-ordinate all sub-trades throughout the project. This ensures on-time completion along with a high level of quality control.

4) Once you have started my project, do you stay on site until it is complete?

We run only one job at a time so we can concentrate our full resources to the completion of your project. Inclement weather is the only reason we would leave your site once we start.

5) What is your warranty on workmanship and installation?

Every Avoca Pools & Landscape Inc. project comes with a standard 2 year fully-transferable warranty.

6) Do you offer financing?

No; we recommend talking to your own bank about this as the interest rates on a personal line of credit will likely be cheaper than what we would be able to offer you.

7) I'm not sure about interlocking brick as I've seen installations with ants and weeds coming up through the brick. What do you do to minimize this problem?

All of our interlocking brick is swept in with polymeric sand; this sand contains a chemical that is activated by water and makes the sand extremely hard but flexible at the same time. This makes it very difficult for ants and weeds to get a foothold between the bricks. Older installations did not have the benefit of the use of this sand as it was not available then. If you are getting quotes for this type of work make sure that this is included in the price. We also offer a refurbishment service whereby we will pressure wash your existing brick, which will remove all the old sand, then sweep it in with polymeric sand; bringing a new lease of life to your driveway, walkway and patio areas. 

8) Can I incorporate shade sails into my pool or landscape design?

This is the ideal time to think about the installation of a shade sail as it is easier, less inconvenient and more cost-effective to install anchor points while other construction work is underway. Designers from will work with you to provide you with the shade coverage you need.

9) What areas do you work in?

Our pool and landscape construction services cover Port Perry, Uxbridge, Lindsay, Peterborough and all of the City of Kawartha Lakes and Durham Region as well as the GTA. We also work in the Aurora/Newmarket and Bowmanville/Courtice areas.

Shade sail installations are more widespread, running from Ottawa and Montreal, through to the GTA and down as far as Niagara Falls.

10) What insurance coverage do you carry? Should I ask to see proof of coverage before you work at my home or business?

We carry $ 5,000,000 Liability Insurance and all of our workers are covered by WSIB. You should always ask any contractor to see proof of coverage; if they do not have it, as the client, you may be held liable for any incidents that may occur. We will provide you with copies of our coverage for you to hold in your files while we are working at your place and also for future reference. 

11) Do you provide a written quote?

Yes. Every job we quote will be followed up by a written and signed document that sets out the scope of the work as well as provisions for any extras that may occur. The price given on the quote is the final price you pay unless extra charges are incurred; these will be discussed and agreed upon at the time. We do not believe in giving our clients an unwelcome surprise in the form of a larger bill at the completion of the project.

12) How much maintenance is required for a pool?

Maintaining your pool is not a large job, taking an average of about 1 hr per week of your time. By using an automatic pool cleaner along with salt water chlorination this can be reduced even further, allowing you more time to enjoy your investment.

13) Do I need a permit to build my pool?

Yes. The type of permits needed depend on the requirements of the individual region’s bylaw department. We will take care of this for our clients if they wish; otherwise it is a mere formality in most cases. 

14) Do you sell equipment for swimming pools?

Yes. We offer a wide variety of equipment from heaters, pumps and chlorinators to vacuums, brushes, nets and toys.

We also offer installations of pool equipment.

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