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The costs of installing your inground swimming pool can vary depending on such things as size, amount of equipment needed, accessibility to the property and more.

That being said, the cheapest cost for a 10 X 12 foot inground pool would be around $45,000.

Please visit our pricing page for more information about costs.

Just installing your pool typically only takes about one (1) week, but, depending on the scope of your complete project, completion may take a little longer.


Your pool can be as big – or as small – as you’d like and we can accommodate all sorts of shapes as well.

This comes in particularly handy for challenging backyard spaces, so please don’t assume your current backyard layout can’t handle having a pool.

Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss all of your options.

We are a full-service pool company and we keep all of our work in-house.

Our clients will deal directly with the owner on a daily basis and he will co-ordinate all sub-trades throughout the project.

This ensures on-time completion along with a high level of quality control.

We run only one job per crew at a time, so we can concentrate our full resources to the completion of your project.

Inclement weather is the only reason we would leave your site once we start, as digging and rain do not work well together and staying on site would actually increase your completion date.

Every Avoca Pools project comes with a standard 2 year fully-transferable warranty.

Unfortunately, no.

We recommend talking to your own bank about this as the interest rates on a personal line of credit will likely be cheaper than what we would likely be able to offer you.

We primarily offer our services in Scarborough East, Durham Region, York Region, and Northumberland County.

We carry $5,000,000 in liability Insurance and all of our workers are covered by WSIB.

You should always ask any contractor to see proof of coverage; if they do not have it, as the client, you may be held liable for any incidents that may occur.

We will provide you with copies of our coverage for you to hold in your files while we are working at your place and also for future reference.


Every job we quote will be followed up by a written and signed document that sets out the scope of the work, as well as provisions for any extras that may occur.

The price given on the quote is the final price you pay, unless extra charges are incurred; these will be discussed and agreed upon at the time.

We do not believe in giving our clients an unwelcome surprise in the form of a larger bill at the completion of the project.

Maintaining your pool is not necessarily a large job, but it does require your time and consistency with purchasing supplies, balancing the water, vacuuming, skimming, maintaining mechanical parts and more.

If you would rather not have to do any of it yourself, we also offer weekly pool maintenance, pool opening and pool closing services.


The type of permits needed depend on the requirements of the individual region’s bylaw department.

We will take care of this for our clients if they wish; otherwise it is a mere formality in most cases.


We offer a wide variety of equipment like heaters, pumps, chlorinators and vacuums.

We also offer installations of pool equipment.

Avoca Pools FAQs
Avoca Pools FAQs
Avoca Pools FAQs

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Inground Swimming Pools

Custom inground swimming pool design & installation.

Seasonal Pool Openings

Get your family's swimming season off to a perfect start.

Pool Closing & Winterization

We'll protect your investment by closing it down the right way.

Inground Pool Maintenance

Weekly pool cleaning, water balancing & more.

Replacement Pool Liners

Custom replacement liners in many colours and patterns.

Inground Pool Repairs

Keep your pool looking & working great with our professional repairs.

Inground Pool Safety Covers

Keep your children & local wildlife safe during off-seasons.

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