Our Clients Get The Custom Inground Swimming Pools They've Dreamed About, On-Time & Within Their Budgets.

Available in any shape and size, the sky really is the limit. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Complete design, installation & support services for inground pools

we've got the custom inground pools you'll absolutely love!

Available in all shapes and sizes, you’ll combine style and versatility with our our large collection of inground swimming pools.

With no limit to the shape, size and design of your pool, we’ll build it to your taste and you will absolutely love the quality of design we offer.

Whatever your ideas are for your pool, our job is to partner with you and to make them a reality. Never think your backyard isn’t able to accommodate a pool, because we can make it happen!

Whatever your goals, budget and space available for your project, we are here to advise you and to provide you with the custom  pools that people normally only dream about.

Inground Swimming Pools Installation Companies In Whitby & Durham Region, Ontario

Why hire Avoca for your pool? That's Easy!

We Actually

Have Pools

We Actually Have Pools

We're not affected by supply shortages or lengthy delays and we're ready to install your pool right now.
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We Partner

With You

We Partner With you

We'll combine our expertise with your ideas and come up with the best possible plan for your pool.
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We'll Finish

On Time

We'll Finish On Time

You can forget about disappearing acts and excuses because we'll agree to a completion date and stick to it.
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We've Got

You Covered

2-Year Warranty

With extensive warranties on our installations, pools, pumps and filters, we've got your back.
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We Are A Full-Service pool installation company

When it comes to our inground pools...

We've Got You Covered!

As a full-service pool company, we’re still with you long after your pool has been installed. You can always calls us when you need to and we offer all of the premium supports you’ll need to enjoy your pool to the fullest.

Our strong relationships with our manufacturers means we have your pool and all of the needed equipment here and are ready to install yours right now. Forget about delays – that doesn’t exist for us!

You’ve always wanted a pool, so take a minute to get in touch with us and we’ll walk you through all of your options. You’ve got nothing to risk and a lot of true enjoyment to gain! 

Some of our features & benefits include:

Examples Of Our Excellent Work

Here are just a few examples of the hundreds of pools we’ve designed and installed for people over the past 25 years.

Inground Pool Installation Companies In Whitby, Ontario
Custom Inground Swimming Pool Installation Companies In Oshawa, Ontario
Custom Swimming Pool
Beautiful Pool
Backyard Swimming
Residential Swimming Pool

You know that you want one, so just reach out to us and we’ll get the ball rolling…

Our Process Is Also Super-Simple!

We plan.

After you've reached out to us, we'll listen to what you want and put together the best design that works with your budget.

We Install.

It's now time for us to to get to work! We'll have your pool completely installed and ready for you to enjoy faster than you might think.

You enjoy!

Your investment pays off and you, your family, friends - and even your neighbours - can now enjoy your beautiful pool for years to come.

We Maintain.

From opening your pool in the spring to closing it in the fall, we offer all of the supports you'll need to keep your pool working right.

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to answer the most commonly-asked questions and please do contact us if you don’t find yours here.

We’re asked this a lot, but it really is hard to give one number as there are so many things involved that can increase the overall price.

As we note on our Pricing Page, a basic 10 X 12 pool would cost about $65,000.00, and that would not include any landscaping, patio stones, etc.

It’s just a working pool and it wouldn’t have any of the fancier features like benches, custom steps, etc.

Larger pools also require more equipment to keep them running, like an extra pump, heater, and plumbing, and this increases the cost as well.

We tend to recommend that people budget for somewhere in the range of  $70,000+, as that will allow for either a larger pool and/or some custom features.

If the weather is stable, about 2 to 4 days.

As long as you have 4 feet from walls and fencing to the edge of the water, we can pretty much fit a pool into any area.

Just about. Get in touch with us and let us know what you’re thinking.


The type of permits needed depend on the requirements of the individual region’s bylaw department, but we’ll will take care of this for our clients if they wish; otherwise it is a mere formality in most cases.

None at all.

We’re VERY fussy about that and would never leave you anything to deal with (other than your beautiful pool, of course).

Not at all.

It’s more common than you may think and we can get our equipment into almost any backyard.

We don’t, but we can refer you to one that we trust and routinely work with if you’d like.

That’s not a problem and we do it all the time.

Yep. You get an installation and manufacturer’s warranty and you can read more about that here.

We definitely do, and we’re here to help and are always available if you have any questions.

If you need support services, we can help you open, close and maintain your pool all season long.

If your existing pool is in need of some TLC, we offer professional pool renovations and repairs.

And we sell replacement vinyl pool liners and safety (winter) pool covers.

We’re glad to hear it and you can get started by sending us a quick contact message.


Another extremely satisfied client

We are thrilled with the inground pool installation provided by Avoca.

Despite the craziness of the COVID driven industry, they kept us informed, moved the project forward in a timely manner and ensured the workmanship and details met their high standards.

Since we are new to the pool industry, we greatly appreciated their insights and recommendations. They were quick to respond when we contacted them and confident in answering our questions.

Professional and a pleasure to work with, we highly recommend Avoca Pools to anyone interested in creating their own backyard pool oasis!

Thanks again!

Durham Region Inground Pool Company Client Testimonial
Nancy Cruickshank

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This website is secure, so your information is safe and we never share, sell or trade your information with any third parties.

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