Our Process

From start to finish, knowing what you can expect while partnering with us is an important part of what we do and we'll walk you through each and every step.

Stage 1: Customer Inquiry

Once you've reached out to us, we'll want to gather as much information as possible regarding your custom inground pool installation project.

We'll call you at a convenient time and ask about your vision, the available space, family members and any special needs, your budget, any ideas you have and more so as to make sure we can provide you with your best possible options.

And remember - this is just a casual conversation where you can feel us out and see if we're the type of company you'd like to work with. You'll be under zero obligation and you won't be asked for any deposits or other formal commitments.

Sound good?

Stage 2: Site Visit & Meeting

If you like what you heard during "Stage 1" - and we're quite confident that you will - we'll schedule an on-site meeting with Andrew, Avoca's owner, who will then come out to your property to meet with you in person and to take a look at the space you have to work with.

Combined with the information he will have from your "Stage 1" telephone conversation, this visit will enable him to make practical recommendations about how to best accomplish all of your inground pool dreams.

Once Andrew has listened to everything you'd like to see happen, he will discuss such things as additional options and upgrades and will give you a ballpark amount as to what you'll be looking at in terms of overall cost.

Stage 3: Retainer

We'll give you some time to discuss things over with your family, and, if you decide that you do want to partner with us, we'll ask you to sign an "Intent To Proceed" agreement that will include a (small) retainer to secure your spot in our construction calendar.

This is a particularly important phase as confirming space in our calendar as early as possible ensures we'll be able to complete your project sooner rather than later.

Stage 4: Design Phase

Here we will solidify all of the design concepts and come up with the estimated budget for your project.

We'll also identify which permits need to be obtained (by us) in order to make your inground pool project a reality.

Stage 5: Project Sign-Off

Now that we've covered the cretive and technical components of your project, we'll create a transparent and easy-to-read contract for to sign that outlines everything involved - including the start and end dates.

We'll also get a deposit from you and provide you with a detailed scope of work that aligns with the design 30 days prior to starting to install your pool.

Stage 6: Scheduling

Using your scope of work, required permits and needed materials as a guide, we will now schedule you into our construction calendar and notify you of our starting date.

Stage 7: Start Date

Your project begins and our crew will arrive on-time and with all of the tools, machinery and materials to get off to a fantastic start.

Our Custom Inground Pool Design & Installation Services